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Matthew Reese Films

Matthew Reese Films

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Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown

Height: 5’10” Weight: 175 lbs 


My Reel

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Saint Street (2010)

Lead…. Percy


Once Upon a Summer (2009)

Supporting…. Rob



Justin Time (2008)

Supporting…. Mr Black


Rescued (2008)

Lead.... Mark Taylor


The Eleventh Hour (2008)

Lead.... Michael Adams


Turn Around (2007)

Supporting….Coach Miller


Beauty and the Beast: A Latter-Day Tale (2007)

Lead.... Eric Landry


Tears of a King (2007)

Supporting.... Mysterious Man


Wrinkles (2007)

Lead.... Dr. Airs


Franklin Covey Trainings (2006)

Lead…. Boss


Naked Fear (1999)






Saint Street (2010) (Producer)


Once Upon a Summer (2009) (Producer)


The Eleventh Hour (2008) (executive producer) 


Tears of a King (2007) (executive producer) 



Special Skills



Martial Arts (3rd Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do), Football, Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, Weight training,  Cycling, Running, Skiing, Snowboarding, Anything Athletic,…


Singing, Piano, Dancing, Voiceover


      I am a "New Comer" to the film industry.  Starting with my lead role in "Beauty and the Beast.  A Latter Day Tale", and then following that up with being the Executive Producer on the film "Tears of a King"...  I fell in love with the whole creative aspect of making movies.  Having a simple idea, cultivating that idea into action, and then watching that idea come to life on the Big Screen?  Wow, there's nothing like it!!  Something that I would love to do full time.  Aside from movies, I work as a public speaker and have been doing so for over twelve years.  Traveling all over the world and speaking to thousands of people about various different topics.  I enjoy very much being able to impact the lives of people that are seeking through either presenting a topic and motivating other to take action in their lives... OR telling a story (in film) that allows people to connect with truth in one way of another.  I love what I do...I truly love it!!! 

I am the father of two beautiful children, and currently reside in the rocky mountains of the great state of Utah.  The amazing four seasons that Utah offers, keeps me here and happy.  I will continue to make movies that mean something to me.  I have been very fortunate to have already worked with some good solid film makers.  Candle Light Media ( gave me my start in movies, and I have now been lucky enough to have participated in three of their films.  I really am thankful to them for all they have done for me.  Rob Diamond (Writer and Director) has been one of my great friends now since I stepped into his beginning acting class years ago.  John Lyde is another that deserves a huge amount of praise!  He is the master at execusion.  He is truly amazing and I look up to his skills as a film maker.  I hope to be able to make at least 100 more movies with that guy! 99 TO GO JOHN!!

In closing, I feel very blessed to have met and worked with great people.  I love this industry and I plan on a long career as I seek for great stories to tell, and interesting characters to portray.   Thanks for reading a bit about me.  

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